Targeting beyond the cookie

We incorporate a number of targeting methodologies
to optimize each mobile campaign.

Algorithmic Optimization

Machine Learning optimization is a combination of math and science. We have made significant investment into developing the best algorithms in mobile Ad Tech. Our team of Machine Learning Data Scientists are successfully able to sift through the terabytes of data to produce the post click attribution required on each campaign.

Location Based Targeting

We believe that by identifying users location, past and present, we are able to understand intent of the user.

Social Behavioural Targeting

In targeting beyond the cookie, we create social user profiles based on their interactions within native mobile applications.


What is EngageFront?

Engagefront is our proprietary Real Time Reporting Dashboard that enables you to analyze your campaign through a number of different lenses. With a focus on post click interactions, we will work with you to customize the dashboard and showcase the interactions important to you.


Always Live

If your campaign isn't finished, your analytics shouldn't finish. EngageFront is always live for you to see your ROI on every action within your ad unit

Since EngageFront is always live, it allows you to make changes based on current performance depending on your brands needs. Just another step toward your campaigns custom optimization.

Campaign Summary

Interactive snapshot on your campaign's overall performance.

Geo Analysis

Find out where your campaign has the most impact.

Post-Click Attribution

We work with you to customize your campaigns ROI.

Single Page Post Campaign Report

A single page report that has everything you need to know about your campaigns performance.

What is Rich Media?

Rich media ads are interactive units including images, video, animations and require user interaction.

Addictive Mobility serves some of the most advanced Rich Media creative on mobile. We use the latest web technologies to leverage GPS and accelerometer data as well as any of the newest API's that become available to developers.

We routinely build interactive store locators, games, carousels and all sorts of engaging and fun units across all mobile devices that push the boundaries of what has previously been done on mobile.

...So What?

Rich Media ads provide the highest level of user engagement as well as brand interaction.

Not only will potential customers see your ad, they will be able to interact with it, play with it, share it on their social media and further spread the word.

The act of engaging helps the user retain branding much more than passively viewing a static unit. Rich media creative can also be used to further leverage other parts of an ad campaign ie. helping push users to tweet a certain hash tag.

About Us

We believe the goal of each brand is to be fondly remembered. We deliver on this goal by finding the right customer, engaging the customer and then providing deep insights for the Brand of that customers experience on Mobile.- Naveed Ahmad, CEO

Who Are We:

Addictive Mobility today is truly an international mobile advertising solutions platform. We have a presence in Canada, United States and the Middle East.

Our Belief:

We believe that a message should be delivered in a simple manner.

How do we deliver this message:

Addictive continues to develop leading Mobile Ad-Tech solutions that focuses on understanding the customer, engaging the customer and then providing the deep insights of that customer experience.

Our Story:

Like most start-ups, this company was inspired by the deep passion to serve our partners. Founded in 2008 by a young entrepreneur Nussar Ahmad and his team, the company persistently sought new mediums by which brands could successfully engage their audience. In 2010 Addictive Tech Corp transformed into Addictive Mobility, one of Canada’s first pure Mobile Ad-Tech Platforms. Today, with the support of our globally recognized agency partners, we serve over 250 of the top Fortune 500 Brands in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and Dubai.

Press Releases

Addictive Mobility to open West Coast officeMay 27, 2014

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Media In Canada - May 27, 2014) -Tim Mason will lead the new Vancouver-based sales team to reach regional brands with smaller agencies ready to move into mobile.

About Addictive Mobility

Addictive Mobility was founded in 2009 as a "mobile first" advertising technology platform. Addictive Mobility serves over 250 of the Fortune 500 brands including McDonald's, Pepsi, AT&T, and Time Warner. Addictive Mobility has its presence in Canada, United States and the Middle East.

Is a 'GRP 2.0' needed for mobile measurement?April 24, 2014

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Media In Canada - April 24, 2014) -At the IAB Canada and Addictive Mobility Mobile First strategy forum in Toronto yesterday, the media panel was unsurprisingly bullish on mobile as an advertising medium but admitted that much work remains to be done to educate clients on its potential if spending on the platform is to increase.

Panelists Peter Vaz, VP director, MacLaren McCann; Raymond Reid, managing director, Neo@Ogilvy; and Shane Cameron, managing director, OMD, discussed whether a broadly recognizable, standardized metric would be useful to the industry. The idea of a “GRP 2.0″ – some overarching, aggregated measure of engagement efficacy across media – was proposed and debated. The question was posed as to whether the industry needs to move away, generally, from media specific KPIs and develop a measure built on business results like sales, and brand lift that would account for the impact of mobile, TV, digital combined.

Vaz, cautioned against the industry making the same mistakes with mobile as it made with digital, in terms of adopting click-through rate as the sole criteria of success, because it offers a limited scope of true audience engagement.

“[CTR] is such an easy measure to track, from a digital perspective. That’s what [the industry] did with digital. Let’s not repeat that on mobile. I’m not saying it’s a metric we shouldn’t measure. We should look at it, but not as the sole measure on mobile,” Vaz tells MiC. “Let’s make sure we understand the capabilities [of mobile devices].” Vaz echoed the sentiment of the panel, saying that a wide array of metrics needs to be monitored, with different metrics being more relevant to clients with different KPIs.

Vaz admits a GRP for mobile is useful as a common currency to compare it with other media. “There are many advertisers who otherwise have a hard time understanding the value [without a GRP], and I think this gives them a yardstick to to say ‘if this is the GRP on TV, and this is the GRP on mobile’ that will give them perspective,” he says, adding that the less complicated the measurement, the more likely it will be to influence clients to shift their advertising budgets towards mobile.

About Addictive Mobility

Addictive Mobility was founded in 2009 as a "mobile first" advertising technology platform. Addictive Mobility serves over 250 of the Fortune 500 brands including McDonald's, Pepsi, AT&T, and Time Warner. Addictive Mobility has its presence in Canada, United States and the Middle East.

Addictive Mobility Collaborates With University of Toronto to Strengthen Their Data Scientist TeamApril 16, 2014

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - April 16, 2014) -Addictive Mobility will be collaborating with the University of Toronto's Department of Computer Science to strengthen the company's Data Scientist team, established in late 2013. Starting this May, the team will now be supported by some of the University of Toronto's top graduate students from the Computer Science Master of Science in Applied Computing program (MScAC). The students will assist in integrating state of the art algorithms to further improve the decision making process of Addictive Mobility's real-time bidding platform.

"Over the last several months, we have been in discussion with various faculty members at the university's Department of Computer Science. Professor Eugene Fiume and Professor Peter Marbach share our passion for combining academia with the private sector. Through partnerships such as this, we hope to emulate the success stories that have come out of Silicon Valley, where this type of collaboration is common," explained Naveed Ahmad, CEO of Addictive Mobility.

The University of Toronto's Department of Computer Science is ranked amongst the top worldwide with a diverse background of national and international students. Professor Eugene Fiume, Academic Director of the MScAC program explained, "The objective of the program's 8-month internship component is to allow our students an opportunity to demonstrate their past experience and new academic skills with some of the most innovative companies in Canada. What excited us about Addictive Mobility was their focus on machine learning within digital advertising. We believe this initiative will be a win-win for both our graduate students and Addictive Mobility."

Machine learning and data analytics are two key areas of focus for Addictive Mobility. Naveed concluded, "As competition grows in mobile advertising, creating a differentiation becomes increasingly important. We believe that with the addition of these young scientists to our team, we will bring a fresh perspective to our work, and continue to offer our clients the unparalleled best mobile advertising experience available today."

About Addictive Mobility

Addictive Mobility was founded in 2009 as a "mobile first" advertising technology platform. Addictive Mobility serves over 250 of the Fortune 500 brands including McDonald's, Pepsi, AT&T, and Time Warner. Addictive Mobility has its presence in Canada, United States and the Middle East.

Addictive Mobility and IAB Canada to Host Strategic Forum for Agencies and Brands Focusing on Mobile First AdvertisingMarch 25, 2014

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 25, 2014) -Addictive Mobility, in partnership with IAB Canada, is presenting the inaugural Mobile First Strategy Forum in Toronto on Wednesday, April 23rd 2014. The Mobile First Strategy Forum was conceived as an exclusive thought leadership forum for CMOs, senior managers from leading agencies and other industry leaders to learn about and discuss strategies on how to best position advertising for a mobile first world.

"We felt it was the right time to hold this event. It aligns with our ongoing commitment to provide our partners with the tools to successfully position themselves in the mobile first world we now live in. We are very excited to have IAB participate with us as we both share a common goal to ensure that Canadian Brands and Advertisers continue to be on the cutting edge of Digital Advertising," explained Naveed Ahmad, CEO of Addictive Mobility.

The conference will consist of a number of different sessions and will include speakers and panelists from Comscore and eMarketer among others. One panel discussion will feature the challenges faced by agencies that are transitioning brands into today's mobile first world. This agency panel will be structured like a fireside chat with some of Canada's thought leaders in the mobile advertising such as Shane Cameron, Managing Director -OMD, and Peter Vaz, VP -MacLaren McCann and Raymond Reid - Managing Director - Neo@Ogilvy.

"When Addictive Mobility presented the idea for the Mobile First Strategy Forum, we immediately thought the timing was right. Mobile traffic has grown to over 20% of the inventory and we need to start the discussion that location is important. It means thinking about targeting, ad formats, creative and analytics. We are happy to partner with and support our member's initiatives as we address major issues in the market," explained Chris Williams President of IAB Canada.

About Addictive Mobility

Addictive Mobility was founded in 2009 as a "mobile first" advertising technology platform. Addictive Mobility serves over 250 of the Fortune 500 brands including McDonald's, Pepsi, AT&T, and Time Warner. Addictive Mobility has its presence in Canada, United States and the Middle East.


ClientsGlobal brands, International Agencies, Global Reach.

AgenciesWe build partnerships with some of the largest and greatest agencies worldwide.

Partnersbuilding our foundation as one, together.

Why work at Addictive?

...Because it's awesome!

In all seriousness, here at Addictive Mobility we have an incredible team filled with immensely talented individuals.

In our fast paced work environment you will have the chance to thrive and flourish while being a part of an exciting new startup company. You will hone your skills working on exciting products to serve our clients (many of which are Fortune 500 companies) instead of being pigeon holed doing menial tasks in a large corporation.

We are located in the coolest location in Toronto, the beautiful Liberty Village, right in the heart of Canada's Tech-Hub. There's plenty of great restaurants, coffee shops and places to hang out, the entire area has an awesome vibe!

FREE FOOD! Okay, not every day but we do have free lunches every Friday. Sometimes we break out and have spontaneous table tennis matches - it can get pretty intense. You may also enjoy the Friday afternoon counter strike death matches!

If you are interested in starting a career at Addictive give us a shout at


Available Careers

As a Addictive Mobility Data Scientist, you will use statistical analysis and data mining techniques to optimize our mobile ad delivery. As a data scientist, you will use data­driven techniques to optimize our ad performance. You must be passionate about finding insights from gargantuan quantities of data and using quantitative analysis to answer complex questions in the mobile economy. You should have a strong background in statistics and modelling, A/B testing, machine learning, and working with large datasets.


  • Build complex statistical models that learn from and scale to terabytes of data and beyond.
  • Use MapReduce frameworks such as Hadoop and Hive, statistical software such as Matlab and R, and scripting languages like Python.
  • Write and interpret complex SQL queries for standard as well as ad hoc data mining purposes.
  • Communicate findings and make suggestions to product, engineering, and management teams.

Educational Background:

MS or PhD in Statistics, Math, Engineering, Operations Research, Computer Science, or other quantitative discipline.

We are looking for a full-stack web developer to help build a next-generation dashboard for mobile advertising. This is an intermediate position that requires someone with a lot of energy and enthusiasm to develop the next big thing in online advertising, with room for growth into more senior positions.

Must Haves:

  • 2 years of experience with full-stack development, working with server-side/cross-browser JavaScript, HTML5, CSS
  • Advanced JavaScript skills for both front-end and back-end development (you may be tested on this!)
  • Experience with our stack (Node.js, MongoDB, Backbone.js, Marionette.js, Handlebars, SCSS)
  • Comfortable with Single Page Application (SPAs) / RESTful APIs / SOA / fat client web apps
  • Good sense of UX / UI skills (please attach examples of work)

Nice to Haves:

  • Experience with TDD, bug tracking, version control (we use Git/GitHub)
  • Experience with D3.js, or other data visualization libraries
  • Experience with Bootstrap, SCSS or other frontend workflow tools
  • Experience with Python / LAMP environments
  • An active StackOverflow / GitHub profile (please attach links)
  • Bonus points for experience with online advertising

About You:

  • You understand IIFEs, function scoping, context switching, and know "the Good Parts" by heart
  • You know the newest HTML5 specs, but also know how to fall back gracefully
  • You write CSS that is efficient, extensible and reusable in different contexts
  • You strive for pixel perfection, but know how to prioritize tasks
  • You must be open-minded and able to communicate effectively with team members
  • You are a self-starter: you can take a vague idea, turn it into a proof of concept, and take it all the way to production
  • You are self-motivated and responsible: when assigned ownership of project features, you actively seek to improve it even after release

Want to be a part of the most passionate, brightest and talented team in Mobile Ad Tech?

We are looking for a mobile strategy coordinator to help our account/sales team with mobile creative development initiatives. This is a junior/intermediate position that requires someone with a lot of energy and enthusiasm to assist the creative and sales team to help clients understand the mobile advertising ecosystem, with room for growth into more senior positions.

What Your Day to Day Will Look Like:

  • You’ll be supporting the sales support team in developing engaging brand concepts within the mobile advertising ecosystem.
  • You’ll be offering creative concepts for the development and design of interactive mobile ad campaigns, working closely with the creative team. We’ve done mobile ad campaigns with companies such as BMW, McDonalds, Red Bull, Rogers, Emirates Airlines, Netflix, and many more.
  • You’ll be monitoring and analyzing the performance of numerous mobile campaigns and build analytical reports.
  • You’ll be interacting with clients to ensure the effective execution of customer objectives in advertising campaigns.
  • You’ll lead project tracking duties, as well as researching and handling media costing.
  • You’ll develop strategies and demonstrate problem-solving abilities to address client issues.

Good to haves:

Enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn - because mobile is a new space, there will be a lot to learn! Some working knowledge of mobile advertising is an asset if you have it.

If the following describes you, apply now:

  • you can never leave a typo unchanged
  • you make sure you read important emails within the five minutes it was sent, or have notifications turned on your phone
  • you own a smartphone (iPhone, Android) or at least know how to use one proficiently.
  • you also know that Blackberry and Windows devices exist, at least.
  • you keep on top of tech news from Mashable, Gizmodo, etc.



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