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Thanks to our early specialization in mobile, we've mastered the art and science of targeting, creative development and media buying.

Constellation mDMP®

Constellation®, our mobile data management platform looks at behavioral patterns associated with device IDs to identify, track, and build mobile audiences for brands. Device IDs are sent to us by ad exchanges, and come with a unique set of data that isn’t available via Cookies. This includes: Location, gender, age, and device type.


In addition to this, our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms are analyzing a user's past ad engagements, mobile web behavior, and locations they visit throughout the day. This, in combination with device ID data, enables us to reach the right person, at the right place, with the right message.

GPS Coordinates
Browsing Patterns
Engagement History
Device Type

When developing a targeting strategy, it is important to be conscious of scale. The narrower the targeting becomes, the less reach and scale you will have. We recommend choosing between our two products Geo-Connect (targeting based on location), and Audience-Connect (targeting based on behavior).

It is possible to use both products at the same time and to reach a very specific audience however,
scale/reach is limited.

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Creative Labs

Custom immersive rich-media ad units.

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Rich Media Creative

Interactive solutions to engage your mobile audiences

Video Interstitial Creative

Engage your audience with vertical video

Standard/HTML5 Banner

Maximize traffic to a clickthrough URL of your choosing

EngageFront®: Our Programmatic RTB Platform

Full Service & Self Service Solutions

EngageFront® is an easy-to-use demand side platform. The user interface is intuitive and makes it easy to set up mobile advertising campaigns with precision. With over 175,000 pre-loaded and categorized points of interest, targeting based on location has never been easier.

Real-time reporting visualized through a customizable dashboard enables marketers to optimize campaigns performance with agility. The drag and drop creative build tool provides a clear directive for upload and accommodates all mobile ad formats.

Whether you are looking for full service or self service solutions – our operations team is here to support you. No automated responses, no long wait times.

A unique combination of DSP, DMP, and Creative Optimization

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The Complete Package

All things necessary to optimize campaign performance.

Fraud Detection

Our proprietary algorithms filter out bots and unwanted traffic. By protecting against fraudulent and malicious traffic, EngageFront® protects you, your site and your valued customers.


Target your audience based on demographics, technographics, geography and time of day. Realize the full capabilities of mobile targeting to reach your audience when and where you want to.


Quickly see how your ad will appear before it goes live and with no need for test devices, you can ensure your ad works the way it was designed to.


Our team of experts are there for you for any problems that may arise throughout your campaign. No automated responses, and no long wait times.

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